3 – 5 | 9 | 2024

CBMC 2024 features 3 days of talks, panels, workshops, as well as spending good time with your partners & friends. More info on program and speakers coming soon!

Our mission is to focus on the dance music culture and bring together everyone from the industry.


CBMC connects the music industry together to collaborate and share new ideas to inspire and drive forward the global electronic music scene. Bringing together a local and international crowd to the wonderful beach setting of Noa Zrce Beach

CBMC aims to create a connection to the wider music making community


CBMC connects the music industry together to collaborate and share new ideas to inspire and drive forward the global electronic music scene. Bringing together a local and international crowd to the wonderful beach setting of Noa Zcre Beach. 

CBMC aims to create a connection to the wider music making community.


Collaborate, Play, Learn.

Croatia Beach Music Conference offers you the opportunity to meet likeminded people and create new connections throughout our 3 days program.

This year we have in mind – zero day to enjoy the Noa Zrće Beach at the fullest, and two days of talks with panels and workshops.
Day Zero
5th of September
Day One
6th of September
Day Two
7th of September
Day Three
8th of September
8:00 PM
10.30 PM
WELCOME PARTY @ Noa Beach Club                                      
10:30 AM
12 PM
12 PM
Empowering Artists through Music Institutions
Davor Drezga, Executive Director @ Porin
Marin Gospić, Director @ United POP
Milan Majerović Stilinović, Communications Manager @ ZAMP
Dražen Baljak, President @ HGU

This theme delves into the age-old question: What truly drives success for musicians? Join us as we explore the secrets behind the success of musicians.

Can the traditional role of music institutions still play a vital part in shaping an artist's journey?

We want to unravel the transformative power of collaboration between artists and music institutions. Together, we will uncover the secret formula for unleashing artists' full potential and fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive. Get ready to harmonize your understanding of this dynamic relationship.
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1:00 PM
New Emerging Destinations: Exploring the Next Music Scene
Phillip Pulitano, Co-Founder @ BPM festival
Ajdin Begovic (Baggi), Senior Director of Business Development @ Insomniac EU
Simon Oates, General Manager @ VW Music

Drago Vukelić, Co-Founder @ BSH events
Let’s explore the rise of exciting new destinations and festivals in the music industry. This discussion will take you on a journey to uncover the hidden gems and emerging hotspots that are reshaping the global music landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, these new destinations and festivals are paving the way for fresh experiences, unique cultural crossovers, and extraordinary musical journeys.

Join our esteemed panelists will share their insights into the allure of these new emerging destinations and the magnetism of their festivals. Discover the strategies employed to curate immersive experiences that captivate both local and international audiences, and learn about the impact of these events on the artists, local communities, and the broader music ecosystem.
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2:00 PM
Lunch Break
3:00 PM
The Tech-Powered Evolution: Access Control & Cashless Payment Systems
Joaquin Costa Marco, CEO CASFID
Berislav Marszalek, Founder @ Entrio.com
Mario Pleše, CEO & Owner @ Header Digital
Mate Škugor, Expert for eWallet solutions @ mStart
Nikola Kanaet, Security System Manager @ Intis

Embark on a journey with our panel, "The Tech-Powered Evolution: Access Control & Cashless System," as we delve into the dynamic fusion of technology revolutionizing event experiences. Join us for a deep dive into the realm of seamless access control and frictionless cashless payments, where innovation converges with convenience.

Our panelists, industry leaders at the forefront of event tech, will guide you through the impacts of these cutting-edge systems. From eliminating queues to enhancing security, we'll explore how technology is shaping the future of event entry and transactions.

Step into the event innovation as we discuss the intricate workings and real-world applications of these solutions. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of this conversation - where the future of access control and cashless transactions comes to life!
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3:45 PM
Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Artist Management
Matic (Mac) Rogan, General Manager @ 2Night Management
Neil Evans, Artistic Director @ Amnesia Ibiza / MD Electric Ibiza
Lidija Balija, Director @ 3pmmedia
Sebastian Martison, Artist Manager - Juliet Fox, Layton Giordani, TARMAC

Let's unlock the secrets of successful management that create unforgettable musical symphonies. Esteemed managers, artists, and influential figures in the music industry come together to share their expertise.

Delve into the strategies behind nurturing top-tier talent, fostering strong artist relationships, and crafting diverse career paths that resonate with audiences. Explore the art of overcoming management challenges while embracing the integration of non-musical elements for truly unforgettable artist experiences.

Gain valuable insights into how these industry leaders pave the way for new talents to rise and shine on the grand stage of music entertainment. Join us in mastering the art of management and empowering artists to reach new heights in the global music industry.
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4:30 PM
Coffee Break
4:45 PM
Production Unplugged: Challenges & Logistics
Carl A H Martin, cahm. uk
Damir Dražić, CEO @ Eldra
Balazs Pacser, Head of Production @ Visual Europe Group
Petar Petrović, Production Manager @ Diamond Club
Filip Trezner, CEO & Owner @ Izvan fokusa

Join us as we pull back the curtains and delve into the challenges faced by production managers and owners in the fast-paced world of entertainment. This panel brings together experienced professionals who have navigated through the highs and lows of production logistics, discussing real problems, and sharing valuable insights. From time constraints to financial limitations and integrating technology with tradition, discover the art of balancing innovation and practicality.

Learn how these experts handle unexpected obstacles, manage diverse production teams, and embrace sustainability for a more responsible future in the entertainment industry.
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5:30 PM
Seize the Moment: Elevating Music Events with Innovative Technology
Adler Zamora Ruiz, XR Expert, and Virtual Productions Specialist
Joaquin Costa Marco, CEO CASFID
Alejandro Araujo, DJ and Music Producer, Entrepreneur, CEO of Campo Santo and Promobook, and Developer of Orion Beach Resort
Julio Cesar Celada, CEO of Wolfpack Entertainment

Get ready to seize the moment with our panel, "Seize the Moment: Elevating Music Events with Innovative Technology." Discover how the fusion of technology and creativity can transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

Join our panelists as they talk about the art of crafting impactful moments through cutting-edge technology. Modern technology infuses music events with captivating experiences, redirecting perceptions and offering exhilarating journeys. Dynamic visuals, harmonizing with music, create immersive realms.

From VR headsets, holograms, AR apps, and real-time graphics, to LED wristbands that pulse with music, synchronized drones, and gesture-driven effects.

Explore strategies that harness the power of innovative technology to make deeper and more real connections with your audience. Find out the secrets to creating amazing experiences that resonate long after the event is over, leaving a real mark on your attendees.
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11:00 PM
CBMC PARTY @ Noa Beach Club
11 AM
12 PM
Safe & Sound: Evolving Security in the Entertainment and Tourism Industry
Goran Košćak, Security expert in tourism and event industry, Founder and CEO, Sector2
Luka Šunjić, CEO & Founder, DC Tech, Shift Houses
Amar Fočo, General Manager @ Noa Beach Club
Vedran Ikić, Head of Security @ Zrće Beach

This theme delves into the latest trends and challenges surrounding security measures in the Entertainment and Tourism industry. As venues that provide entertainment and leisure experiences continue to attract a diverse range of attendees, ensuring the safety and well-being of patrons and staff remains a paramount concern. This discussion will explore and reveal the innovative security trends being embraced by venues and organizers in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and tourism.

Join our esteemed panelists, including industry leaders, security experts, and professionals from the entertainment and tourism sectors, as they share their insights on implementing advanced security technologies and strategies. Discover how these industries are harnessing the power of advanced solutions to create secure and enjoyable environments for people from around the world.
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Coffee Break
1:15 PM
Unraveling Success: Behind the Big Stage Secrets
Sara Gigante, General Manager @ Charm Music
Anna Flóra Filutás, Head of Balaton Sound @ Sziget Cultural Management
Igor Vidović, Booking Coordinator @ Exit Festival
Here we bring together the finest minds in the music industry - top directors and CEOs from the best regional festivals and concert providers. Join us as they unravel the essential elements of event logistics, from making informed production choices to empowering the workforce and selecting the perfect venue.

Explore the fascinating aspects that make large-scale events a success and witness how these industry experts conquer logistical challenges to deliver unforgettable experiences for music enthusiasts.

Experience the contrasting aspects of festivals and venues as they craft mesmerizing spectacles for the modern audience.

Be inspired by their wisdom and expertise as you venture into the heart of seamless event organization.
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2:15 PM
Lunch Break
3:30 PM
Rhythm of Growth: Harmonizing Marketing and Sales Trends in the Music Industry
Ružica Popović, CEO & PR specialist @ PRiča - PR agency
Zrinka Bockovac, Head of Marketing @ Entrio
Josipa Žižić Šaban, CMO @ Noa Group
Marko Barić, Google Specialist & CMO @ Header Digital
Dejan Buković, CEO & Owner @ Elatus

Step into the future of marketing in this panel discussion.

Discover how to turn marketing efforts into tangible sales in the ever-evolving music landscape. Unleash the power of targeted ads, seamless web experiences, impactful PR campaigns, and effective ticket sales management, all driven by cutting-edge technology. Gain valuable insights on incorporating new trends to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Join us in elevating your music brand with transformative digital marketing and sales strategies, harnessing the potential of technology for a blend of creativity and data-driven decision-making. Embrace the future of music marketing, sales, and new technology-driven trends, and unlock growth in the dynamic world of music entertainment.
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Short Break
4:30 PM
Record Labels and the Clash of Generations
Tin Šarić, CEO @ Uptown Records
Alanis Varga, Marketing and PR Specialist @ Dancing Bear
Lana Čulig, Promotions Specialist @ Aquarius Records
Tom Bug, CEO @ Dobar House
Marko Nastić, Artist, Producer & Owner @ Easy Tiger
This is where we explore the ongoing debate between traditional practices and emerging trends shaping the music landscape. Join us for a captivating discussion on the clash of generations in the music industry.

Our esteemed panelists, representing both traditional record labels and the emerging era of NFTs and crypto, will shed light on their perspectives, experiences, and insights. Discover the advantages and challenges of each approach as we navigate the ever-changing musical landscape.

Be part of the conversation that explores how these two worlds can coexist and revolutionize the future of music. Embrace the richness of music history while witnessing the boundless potential of NFTs and crypto, as we forge a path towards a dynamic and inclusive music ecosystem.
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5:15 PM
Sleepless Nights and Constant Jet Lag: What It Really Means to Be an Owner of Music Events and a Booker in the Music Industry
Vicente Calderon III, CEO Stardust Co-Founder and Curator Surreal Festival
Beata Deptuch, DJ and Music Producer, CEO Pink is the new techno and Promobook
Pedro Ubeda, Artists Manager, Latin America Representative Casfid and Promobook
Lea Koenig, Singer & Songwriter
11:00 PM
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10:00 AM  
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